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Noiee Prints aims to push the boundaries of possibilities for our clients and partners. Our in-house team of technologists and designers strive to give you the best products that can achieve.
We specialize in:
Digital textile printing
Textile design
Digital Textile
Noiee Prints employs the latest digital print technology to provide digital textile print services for short runs and production scale projects and transform any plain piece of natural, synthetic, blended, and mixed fiber fabric into a beautifully patterned digital printed design.
The digital textile printing with pigment inks that we offer has many advantages:

- Printing digitally uses half the ink of screen printing methods and results in far less waste being discharged into the drains.

- There is no washing of screens or changing colours, so water consumption is reduced by approximately 98%.

- Carbon emissions are reduced further, with road travel removed from the process there are no screens to transport for printing, as everything is done by email.

Our clients have the option of using their own designs, choosing from one of our designs, or requesting a custom made a design based on their specific requirements.

We have put together an extensive list of fabrics for our clients to choose from for their print. If a client requires print on their own fabric, it is required to perform a textile testing.
Textile Design
Noiee Prints aims to always narrate the expressive potential of textile objects through new aesthetic, ethical, and conceptual incentives.
Our design team has extensive experience in clothing design and textiles. With more than two decades of experience, our design director has worked with some of the most luxurious fashion brands worldwide.

Every season our design team analyses the trends in the fashion, home, and lifestyle industries to help our clients produce fine products.

The ability to create customized products, to meet the needs not only of our client’s customers but also to contain the client’s identity is one of the most important strengths of our team.
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